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Market House, Ballynahinch

Market House,
The Square,
Co. Down
BT24 8AE

T: 028 9756 4050
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In 2010 Down District Council gained ownership of the Market House. Situated in the centre of Ballynahinch it’s history is of interest to many.

There used to be a market hall on the ground floor of the building, accessed through four large round arches; on wet days market traders could take shelter inside. If required a cart could be backed through the archways, for loading and unloading. The market house had a weighbridge, owned by the landlord. When the market hall was not in use the archways were barred with iron gates. This arrangement allowed a free circulation of air downstairs, and to compensate for the draught, rooms upstairs could be heated with coal fires. There was an assembly room on the first floor, for public meetings and entertainment, and there was a small jury room where courts were held and official town business was transacted.

 In 2002 the building has been restored to its original 1795 appearance. Plaster has been stripped away, and the original intricate 18th century masonry left on display.
The arches of the market hall arcade have been opened again, and large windows inserted. The little dome has been reinstated on the roof, supported on pillars of solid mahogany. The building is now used by the local community and further afield for a wide range of activities.

Opening Times

Monday - Friday 09.00 - 22:00
Saturday 09:00 - 12:30
Sunday Closed


Senior Citizen Tea Dance

Fitness/Martial Arts


Other Services 

Northern Ireland Housing Executive
Alzheimer's Society
South Eastern Education Library Board

Ballynahinch Centre, Market House and Dan Rice Autumn-Spring Programme 2012-13