Down District Council


Nature and Sports Euro’meet to be Held in Newcastle

Released: 25 March 2015

The third Nature and Sports Euro’meet Conference will be held in Newcastle, County Down from Wednesday 30 September – Friday 2 October 2015.


Speaking about the conference, Down District Council Chairman Cllr Billy Walker said, “The Nature and Outdoor Sports Euro’meet is a major conference held every two years by the European Network of Outdoor Sports. The Conference will provide insights into how to develop sustainable and responsible participation in outdoor sports and also how to generate better economic benefits for an area through outdoor sport.

Cllr Walker continued,  “Bringing the Euro’meet to Newcastle and developing the programme and logistics has been a tremendous example of partnership working both at a local and international level. Locally the logistics and practical elements of the programme are being developed by Down District Council, Tourism NI, Tourism Ireland, the Northern Ireland Environment Agency, the Mourne Heritage Trust and the National Trust. At an international level the programme has been developed to appeal to a Pan European market and has had been led by the French Ministry of Sport in partnership with Sport NI and other members of ENOS.

The Conference, will provide a great opportunity to share our experiences of developing outdoor recreation in the Mournes, and showcase the wonderful natural resources that we are so proud of.  Importantly, it will also give us the opportunity to learn from our friends across Europe, as we seek to further develop our culture of dynamic sustainable outdoor recreation.”

There will be two key themes for the Euro’meet conference: Increasing participation for all in outdoor sports; and Maximising the economic benefits that outdoor sports bring to a region.

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