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Many pages on the Down District Council web site ( include links to other sites. These links provide users with further sources of relevant information and advice.

Down District Council does not maintain the external sites accessed through these links, and therefore does not assume any responsibility for their content. The inclusion of a link to a third-party web site on an DDC (Down District Council) web page should not be considered an endorsement or recommendation.

If you have any queries about information accessed through links, you are advised to check directly with the organisation concerned.

All external links on the Down District Council site are reviewed regularly to check their content and quality. However, if you find a broken link or it links to material you feel is unsuitable, please contact the Webmaster:

External links on our site

On the web site, Down District Council includes links to organisations that users may find helpful, across a range of subject areas.

Due to the large number of marketing emails we now receive, we cannot generally accept new requests for links to be added to our pages, or information about events where Down District Council is not directly involved. We do not accept links for commercial or political organisations.

If you do wish us to consider a link for inclusion, please contact the Webmaster: with the details.

Please do not contact us again if your link does not appear on our site. Each site will be looked at in the context of the other information we provide and will only be added if it is considered to be of sufficient quality, and meets government-mandated accessibility standards.

Linking to the Down District Council site

If you have a web site, you are welcome to link to the Down District Council web site without requesting specific permissions.

Our home page address is and should be labelled "Down District Council". You may also link to any other page within the site using the appropriate url.

You may link to us from your site as long as our site appears in its normal form. For example: it does not appear inside your own frameset; with any advertising; or in such a way as to pass off the material as your own. Please respect our copyright.

All organisations funded or partly funded by Down District Council must include a link to the council on their web site.